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Wellness Gift Basket


During my digital literacy course in university, we did an activity of creating a wellness gift basket for ourselves in groups. It was fun seeing how many differences we have in terms of what makes us happy and what’s our ideal gift basket in general. It also made us realize our own wellness gift basket would not exactly be the same for someone else as we have our own likings and preferences.

Here are each components of my wellness gift basket:

1) Two physical objects:

    Image links: Plushie & Fluffy blanket

    2) a- Sights of wellness:

    I took most of these pictures myself when in Lebanon and two of them are in Egypt on campus and near the pyramids. I love taking pictures of landscape showcasing their beauty but as pretty as these pictures are, it does not do them justice. Seeing landscapes in person makes me feel safe and happy. Hope you like the pictures:)

    b- Sounds of wellness:

    Here are two nice pieces I like to listen to ^.^

    Kiss the rain – Yiruma

    I think you guys can tell Yiruma is one of my favorite composers/pianist hehe. I also play this on the piano I find it so beautiful and relaxing i never get sick of listening to his pieces, I always play a Yiruma playlist on loop whenever I want to relax, chill or even study:)

    Merry-Go-Round of Life – Joe Hisaishi – Howl’s Moving Castle.

    This is one of my ultimate favorite OST’s ever. It’s from Howl’s Moving Castle (Studio Ghibli Movie). Every time I listen to it I feel some sort of nostalgia and magic no kidding. It really makes me feel like I teleported to the movie, feels like a fairytale. I chose this specific video because the composer himself, after years decided to replay this masterpiece with a new orchestra and it still sounds as good and maybe even better!

    Feel free to keep the videos playing while reading:)

    3) Lovely smell & taste:

    There’s this cake my mom used to make a homemade lemon cake without the strong icing on top. I have the recipe and made it twice and it was amazing made me reminisce on those times^.^ Both the taste and smell of the cake makes me happy and takes me back. Another thing is gardenia flowers, it is one of my favorite flowers because of my mother and grandmother who loved it and had it around the house frequently. We also plant is in our grandparents’ garden in Lebanon hehe.

    4) Quotes:

    I’ve been recently getting many videos on TikTok about inspirational deep quotes translated from Arabic to English. The quote in Arabic always hits different and makes me love the quotes more and more. Here are the ones I’ve found that I love: Some are romantic and beautiful, some are deep and quite philosophical:) I sadly do not know the authors, its anonymous.

    اتعرف لماذا يبدو العناق جميلاً؟ لأ الجانب الأيمن منك الا يحوي قلباً، فيكون خاوياً، و عند العناق، يصبح لك قلبٌ في كل الجانبين

    “Do you know why hugs are so beautiful? Because the right side of you does not have a heart so it’s empty, and when you hug, you will have a heart on both sides.”

    TikTok Video Link (if it doesn’t work, open from app or else you’ll have to log in through the website)

    “لو كان الشكل والجسم اهم من الروح ما كانت الروح تصعد للسماء والجسم يدفن تحت التراب”

    “If the appearance is more important than the soul, then why would the soul rise up to the sky after death and we bury the body in the ground?”

    TikTok Video Link

    “أخاف أن احبك جدًا فافقدك ثم أتألّم، و أخاف أيضاً أن لا احبك فتضيع فرصة الحب فاندم، أعيش معك حالة لا توازن منذ أ عرفتك، حياتي تسير بانتظام، ما عدا قلبي فإنّه تسوده الفوضى. لكني أخشى النهايات دوماً، فأنا قد اعتدت دائماً أن افقد أي شيء أحبه. أرجوك أخبرني : كيف أحبك بلا ألم ؟ و كيف لا أحبك بلا ندم؟ “

    “I fear to love you too much and lose you and suffer, and I also fear to not love you and miss a love chance and regret it. I live with you an unbalance state since I knew you, my life going perfectly, except my heart which is a mess. I always fear the endings, for I am used to lose anything I love, so please tell me : How can I love you without pain? And how can I not love you with regret?”

    TikTok Video Link

    “قلبي يفكر فيك كثيراً، و أخشى أنك أصبحت قلبي”

    “My heart thinks of you often, that I’m afraid you’ve become my heart.”

    TikTok Video Link

    “أسوء من الأرق أن تنام و في قلبي كلام”

    “The only thing worse than insomnia is falling asleep with unsaid words in your heart”

    TikTok Video Link

    5) Mental practice

    I realized I do not do any mental practice maybe other than praying and sometimes journaling? I do not know if this counts as a mental practice but after this I hope I do some mental practices for my wellbeing^.^

    I haven’t journaled in a while so I hope I get back to it.

    6) Physical practice

    I do exercise once in a while in my room (some Pilates/workouts) and sometimes I go to the university’s gym depends on how lazy I get :p

    I also walk around my compound not very often but hopefully I start doing it daily and make it part of my routine. I love walking around in nature its so peaceful.

    7) Something that recently delighted me:

    I do not recall anything that delighted my recently to be honest. But one person that always cheers me up is my little brother, he loves to call my friends and talks to them and cheers them up like he cheers me up. He’s a bundle of joy that is precious to me.

    8) Social Activity:

    Studying with friends either virtually or in a coffee shop. I really enjoy it more than doing it on my own, I easily get distracted at home. Despite having some breaks every now and then because we sit together and chat in between work, we still manage to work productively and motivate each other. Its something I love because it gives company, productivity, and motivation.

    9) Digital Activity:

    I love watching YouTube videos and K-dramas whenever I wanna distract myself and enjoy my time. I also do some color by numbers and puzzles for fun when bored.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this activity and I encourage you all to do it its quite fun and makes you realize a lot of stuff you’d want to incorporate in your daily life for your own well being. Feel free to share it with me!


    3 responses to “Wellness Gift Basket”

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    2. beautiful – loved and enjoyed this, and I always love your taste in music, puts me in a good mood 🙂

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      1. always a pleasure makes me happy !!


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